Thank you so much for visiting Pebble & Pearl!

This is a new and exciting adventure that I’m jumping into! I started my journey about a year ago by sharing the things that inspired me through Instagram. I’ve always had a love for fashion and felt that it was time to give myself the freedom to be the creative individual that I am and, of course, to just have fun with it! I found that I truly enjoyed sharing my passion with others, not only the fashionable side of things, but also sharing all the local spots that I love around my home in Sacramento, California.

I would describe my style as detailed and simplistic. It sounds contradictory, I know. I love to pair statement pieces, whether it’s a fabulous shoe, an eye catching jacket, or killer accessory with great basics. I believe it’s the details that make an outfit great!
The name Pebble and Pearl comes from my view on life, that no matter how difficult a situation is or bleak the circumstance looks in the moment, there’s always something beautiful that can be taken from them. Pearls become the beauties they are through the pebbles of sand that get in and and disrupt life as usual for the little oyster. Something that seems to have no value becomes something of great value when you have the eyes to see it. My name also means pearl.

At the end of the day, I’m a California girl who loves fashion, great coffee, and exploring her home in Downtown Sacramento.

I hope you enjoy and find yourself inspired!

-Meaghan xx